1、Up to 3000W in 7” x 10” x 1.59” Package
2、Up to 27W/inch³ Power Density
3、Full Power up to 50°C Ambient
4、9 Slots Modules Configurable
5、2xMOPP Isolation for Medical Application
6、Output selectable from 2V to 60V
7、Current sharing
8、Class B Conducted and Radiated EMI
9、IEC 60601-1-2 4th edition immunity compliance
10、Normal and Reversed Option for Global Remote On/Off & Air Flow Direction without power de-rating
11、Analog and Digital Voltage Trimming
12、PMBus Ver 1.3 Supported
13、Intelligent Fan Speed Control
14、Optional RS485/RS232/USB Communication Adapters
15、PC GUI for easy parameter setting and monitoring
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